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Creativity in the Time of COVID

Hosted by the Temple Beth El of Boca Raton, moderated by Brandon Schuster, join us here for this beautiful panel, including award-winning comedian Judy Gold, documentarian Elinor Burkett, theater producer Jonathan Demar, and myself. Special appearance by chef Michael Solomonov, actress Alyssa Marvin, and a surprise video from the Platt Brothers!

Synagogue’s ‘Creativity in the Time of COVID’ features celebrities

Entertainment personalities participated in Temple Beth El of Boca Raton’s program, "Creativity in the Time of COVID”. This virtual event, which the synagogue’s clergy hosted, featured two-time Emmy Award winner and comedian Judy Gold, Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Elinor Burkett, Tony Award-winning producer and actor Jonathan Demar, child actress Alyssa Marvin and movie producer Jess Weiss discussing what creativity looks like now. The program, which was moderated by Temple Beth El marketing executive and member Brandon Schuster, also included a special appearance by James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Solomonov and a surprise video from the Platt Brothers.

Below-the-Line Hollywood Faces Sudden Unemployment Amid Coronavirus: "It's a Disaster"

Freelance creative and line producer Jess Weiss (The Subject, The Volunteers) is concerned for how current coronavirus policies will reverberate in the future. All the companies she normally works with have paused production and implemented work from home policies; as for the development side of her job, companies are being careful with their finances and in-person meetings have been canceled due to the potential health risk. "My biggest concern is understanding when the industry will get back to normal again," she says. "March is usually the time for development and preproduction for summer projects, which is usually our busiest time. If that development isn't happening, the production will be delayed."

Law helps freelancers collect from deadbeats

Jess Weiss, an independent film producer (“The Ring Thing,” “The Honeymoon Phase”) who lives in East Harlem, told me she had heard of the Freelancers Union and worked with OLPS. She ultimately had to threaten litigation to get two people on her film crew and herself paid for a music video she put together last summer for a California company. She declined to name the company or the amount she was finally paid.

We are Moving Stories: Interview with Jess Weiss

Interview with Producer Jess Weiss about "The Ring Thing". When Sarah accidentally proposes to her girlfriend in Provincetown, she finds hers herself at odds with her partner's expectations of their future. The mixup sends both women on different journeys of marital exploration.

The Ring Thing Acquired by Gravitas Ventures

G​ravitas Ventures has picked up the worldwide rights to filmmaking husbands William C. Sullivan and Derek Dodge’s meditation on LGBTQ+ marriage, “The Ring Thing,” Variety has learned exclusively.

Are You A Married Queer Person? This Film Wants To Know

A new film is exploring what same-sex marriage means in 2016 to queer people all across the spectrum of identity — and producers want to include your stories. "The Ring Thing" is currently in production and intends to interweave personal, documentary-style interviews into the larger narrative of the film. No matter what your thoughts are on marriage as a queer person, producers want your story to be included.

Behind the Scenes on American Cinema

Brazilian producer talks about the behind the scenes of American films.

Challenges of Making Movies in New York: Interview with Jess Weiss

Film producer Jess Weiss comes to talk about her work in New York, including her film "The Ring Thing" and "Tainted in Red".

Cannes 2014: Tainted in Red

When a Brazilian film is selected for an international festival, the cheering crowd is generally quite big, from the ones who like national films, and from those who try to make it.

A little Brazil in Cannes

The 67th Cannes Film Festival began last week, on May 14th. Everyone knows that... What is not common knowledge is that this year's edition brings a film, that had the participation of more than 40 students from Rio.