Director: Reed Morano

Writer: Chris Ross

Producers: Matt Tauber, Aaron L. Gilbert, Margot Hand, Olivia Wilde

Cast: Olivia Wilde, Luke Wilson, Juno Temple, Elisabeth Moss, Giovanni Ribisi, John Leguizamo

Producer's Assistant: Jess Weiss

Editor: Madeleine Gavin

Sarah and Phil are on a roadtrip with their son, Jessie. They stop at a gas station to buy snacks and so their son can go to the bathroom; however, in the time it takes for them to make their purchases they find that their son is missing. Sarah, who is a teacher, deals with her grief by obsessing over one of her students, Adam, who has Asperger's. He is ostracized by the other kids and treated poorly by his foster mother, Shannon. Phil meanwhile begins to attend a support group for parents who have lost their children. Despite claiming that she knows their son is still alive, in the hazy aftermath of this loss, Sarah begins a downwards spiral. Phil, a New York City cop, starts to lose sight of his morals as Sarah puts herself in increasingly dangerous situations.